Ash Pabani

Ash Pabani

Design Director - Graphics

25 Years of experience


Since moving to Toronto from London, England in 1992, Ash has gained valuable and varied experience at some of the country's top agencies. He has worked on many high profile clients, bringing his love of design to the mix, creating strategic yet beautiful creative solutions that have won numerous awards. He is confident & articulate and is comfortable in front of the client should the need arise. He is creative, inquisitive, hard working and dedicated. His experience has taught him to handle tight deadlines and stressful situations with calm and a sense of humour, focusing on the goal of delivering great creative. He adapts well to different environments and personalities and fits in with coworkers very easily making him a pleasure to work with. 

Top 5 Skills:

See all my skills

All My Skills

Creative Direction
Corporate Identity
Concept Development

Top 5 Tools:

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All My Tools

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Acrobat Professional

Some of my work:

Title: Oxford Properties
Client: Oxford Properties
Verticals: Food & Beverage
Description: Project Description
Dine enviro cropped
Title: The Shoe Company / Town Shoes
Client: The Shoe Company / Town Shoes
Verticals: Retail
Description: Project Description
Townshoes cropped
Title: Loblaw's
Client: Loblaw's
Verticals: Food & Beverage
Description: Project Description
Ont own packaging cropped
Title: Harrod's
Client: Harrod's
Verticals: Retail
Description: Project Description
Harrods cropped
Title: eugenia vanelli interiors
Client: eugenia vanelli interiors
Verticals: Entertainment
Description: Project Description
Identity cropped

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