Alex Krivoi

Alex Krivoi

Lead CG artist, compositor.

24 Years of experience

Toronto, Canada


Lead CG artist with strengths in shading, lighting and rendering. Strong compositing skills and experience in 3D stereo production.

Top 5 Skills:

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All My Skills

3D Animation

Top 5 Tools:

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All My Tools

3DS Max
Cinema 4D
After Effects

Some of my work:

Title: Honda
Client: Honda
Verticals: Automotive
Description: Project Description
Title: Lexus
Client: Lexus
Verticals: Automotive
Description: Project Description
Title: Denon
Client: Denon
Verticals: Technology
Description: Project Description
Denon ur
Denon gc
Denon mm
Title: Pop Shoppe
Client: Pop Shoppe
Verticals: Food & Beverage
Description: Project Description
Pop grape
Pop lime
Pop strawb
Title: Norwegian Cruise Line
Client: Norwegian Cruise Line
Verticals: Travel & Hospitality
Description: Project Description

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